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Service Tools
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Refrigerant hoses for evacuation and recharging of sealed systems must be in good condition and leak tight. Rubber seal rings are inserted in the ends of the hoses to provide a good seal. These seals sometimes become damaged and need replacement, so spares should always be carried in your toolbox. Connections should be made finger-tight. Do not tighten with pliers. Hose ends should be sealed when not in use. 

Regulations according to EPA require hoses to be self-sealing or have individual shut-off valves for each hose to reduce emissions of refrigerant to the environment.

refrigerant hoses.jpg

The hoses above do not have the new required low loss fittings. These fittings reduce refrigerant escaping to the atmosphere. You can buy add on low loss fittings if your hoses do not have them. Below are some examples of addon low loss fitting you can get.

low loss fitings.webp
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