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Welcome to TMM Academics Home Study Courses

These courses are for our Members, Subscribe to be a part of our online learning programs.

Our courses are being created daily and working to have a Beta version of Sealed System up and running. 


Below are other courses in the works or in the the planning stages.

Refrigeration - Sealed System Service - NOTE: the Beta version of the Sealed System program is now open to all paid members the first 5 chapters have both Chapter questions you are to download and send in for grading. and take the chapter exams at the end of each chapter. Later a Final exam and one or two more chapters will be added.

Refrigerator - Sealed System

Release dates for the ones below will be added shortly




Basic Electricity

Meters and Test Equipment

Ranges/Ovens Electric and Gas


Refrigerators - Electrical

Refrigerator - Sealed System


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