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This as an app, and the channels provided are a part of our paid member services,


Thanks for joining our community, This is an ego free community of techs who are a brotherhood. We understand that we all need a little help from time to time. Our career can also be a lonely one, and we know just to be able to talk/listen to techs from all over the country can be refreshing during those long boring drives from customer to customer house. So we put together a few channels addressing various topics such as Business support, Tech support, Doc requests and more (we add channels periodically)


What is Voxer?

Voxer is a walkie talkie app that we use to help each other out with appliance repair questions  in real time. This is a community of seasoned and newer techs. We use this app to support each other through pics, videos, tech sheets, service pointers etc. 


How to use Voxer?


How to gain access to voxer walkie talkie app


  • Access your mobile device Play Store IE "I-tunes" or "Playstore" and  download voxer app

  • Create user name

  • After creating a account please send a email with the user name so that we can locate you within the voxer app

  •  Brother B will then contact you on the voxer app with further instructions


Different Voxer Channels

TMM ACADEMICS: (Main channel: here's where we hang out, shoot the breeze, rant and rave about appliance repair or pretty much any thing) it can get chatty placing notifications on vibration recommend


TMM TECH LINE: (Tech channel: heres where we "tend" to keep it straight up technical) notifications vibration or loud depending on your skill set. If your a newbie tech you should listen to EVERYTHING. You'll benefit from others situations 


TMM 911 Emergency Line: (Pretty self explanatory, heres where we turn after we've exhausted all resources) This line IS NOT A CRUTCH. Notifications STRONGLY  RECOMMEND TO BE KEPT LOUD. Rule of thumb practice the same amount of support you would want if you were in a emergency 


TMM SEALED SYSTEM LINE (Here its all about sealed system work) 

Notifications recommended set on loud 


TMM BUSINESS LINE: (Here we talk business like signing up with warranty companies, Prices, everything business related) notifications your choice



(Here is were we talk ELECTRONICS and board repair bring your oscilloscope and voltmeter it all circuits here) Notifications your choice 


Voxer Group Moderators

Durham appliance 

Kelly Kriskelly

Chris Ainsworth 

Laron Locklear 

Kristen D

Brother B


House Rules

  • Always include model number. Written not a picture of the model tag. This is house etiquette


  • No shaming or making others feel uncomfortable asking questions. Ego and know it allsl is a one way trip out of here


  • No question is a dumb question 


  • If you're having an extensive conversation with a member you may wanna go private after awhile so other members can revisit the days dialog without having to hear extensive chats.


  • Due a proper diagnosis before utilizing voxer. We don't want to become anyone's crutch 


  • We encourage techs from all stages in their careers to ask questions; however we do expect that you do your job as a professional and do a proper diagnosis. We are here to help one another. However we don't want to create a " uh guys gotta fridge not cooling what do I do?" Culture 


  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T ME find out what it means to me


  • Post the follow ups on your repairs. Others draw off your experience. So include follow ups. 


  • Please no vending or solicitations 



   Emergency Line Rule 

Post model number and general description

               (ie; hey all I'm in a customer house working on a Kenmare washer model #.9979666h I'll post my questions on the tech line

              Kenmore refrigerator not cooling, question.            in Techroom)


Please carry emergency line questions to appropriate room  ie 


Again this done intentionally, we get it if guys put their phone on silent because certain channels can get quite chatty. It’s easy for an  emergency request question to go overlooked in casual back and forth chat in the other rooms. So we encourage techs if there gonna keep one channel on normal its emergency. Let's keep the transmission on the channel sweet and simple 


No political, racist, religious or any other divisive topics on here please go private if you want to argue those points 


  • Cursing/Swearing "should" be kept to a minimum, would hate to show up to a job with my notifications  unmuted and my phone bleeps out "guys this f****** last customer was a b*****" while I'm in front of a customer 


  • You get what you put in.. don't be the person that only chimes in with help. Be there for someone else from time to time like you need help time to time 


  • There's a few common names, if there's already a mike or joe you may have to alter it a little (mike134a or miketexas) just for identifying purposes 


Voxer wrapup


 Voxer is a wonderful destination from destination from texts from all walks of life tov life who want to become the best at their craft. This is a brotherhood we help each other out we offer advice we do everything and love. But if you don't participate don't expect voxer to solve all your problems. Help us help you and we promise to do the same.


 love peace and harmony

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