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Tubing Benders

There are a few types of tubing cutters used when servicing the sealed system of an appliance. 

They are:

1.  Spring Tube Bender

2.  Hand Held Bender

3. Hydraulic Bender - Used with larger tubing

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Service Tools
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Screenshot 2023-07-17 104230.png

Spring Tube Bender

Tubing benders bend tubing, but it is important to correctly learn to use them. Some benders like the spring bender slides over the tubing copper, aluminum and some smaller mild steel tubes. It is important the spring size matches the tubing size or the tube will kink and get damaged. Using both hands grip the where you want to bend it and using your thumbs for leverage bend to the angle you want. This is great where accuracy is not that important. The  

Hand Held Benders

These are a few types of hand held tube benders used in refrigeration, the basic mechanical version, and a hydraulic version. These benders allow for more accuracy and aligning your bends. They come in all sizes of tubing and degrees of bending from 45 degrees to 90 and 180.

Yello Jacket Tubing Benders


Tubing Bender


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Follow the link to take the Chapter 4 exam - TMM Sealed System Chapter 4 Test 

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