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Service Tools
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Tubing Cutters

There are three main types of tubing cutters used when servicing the sealed system of an appliance. 

They are:

1.  Cap Tube Cutter

2.  Triangle File

3.  Wheel Cutter

4.  120 Degree wheel cutter

Screenshot 2023-07-16 152145.png
Screenshot 2023-07-16 183006.png

Capillary Tube Cutter and File

The capillary tube cutter is used to cut the capillary tube. When holding the tool the jaws should be approximately a 45 degree angle to assure a clean cut. A small triangular file could also be used to cut the capillary tube. However the file dose not cut like scissors. It us used to score a line into the tubing just about half way. Then the tube could be bent and easily broken apart. 

Wheel Cutters

These cutters are mainly used for copper and aluminum, they can be used on steel pipe as well but the hard steel will hurt the cutting wheel. These wheel cutters com in all shapes and sizes depending on the size of tubing you are cutting. The larger tubing cutters usually have a reaming blade built into the back side and slides open like a pocket knife. Sometimes you can find/store a spare cutting wheel inside the handle/knob under the screw.
Screenshot 2023-07-16 183006.png

120 Degree Wheel Cutter

Vulkan make an 120 Degree wheel cutter this tool is useful for cutting in areas where most cutters could not reach. This cutter also has 4 cutting wheel which allows for faster cutting times than a standard tubing cutter.

Screenshot 2023-07-16 152145.png
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